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Recycling electric bicycle batteries — one bite at a time.

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Don’t Trash Your E-Bike Battery

Keep it out of the dumpster, landfill, or tossed in the back of your garage.

Millions of electric bikes are being ridden on roads and trails across the U.S., helping Americans replace car trips, reduce their personal carbon footprint, and access the countless benefits and joys of the great outdoors. With those bikes, there are also millions of lithium ion batteries that will need to be properly managed at their end of life.

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Recycling Solution

E-bike battery recycling made simple.

The bike industry came together as the first transportation industry to establish a battery recycling program to reduce negative impacts on our planet by removing e-bike batteries from our waste streams. This new program, powered by Call2Recycle and endorsed by PeopleForBikes, has already recycled more than 36,000 pounds of batteries.

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Your E-bike


More than 1,800 drop-off locations nationwide.


54 brands united in a first-of-its-kind recycling coalition.

Are you a brand interested in recycling your electric bicycle batteries?

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